History | Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola


DAR (To give) is one of the terms and actions that represent Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola the best; first of all, because it’s part of our work philosophy and the commitment we have for serving those whose goals is to change their lives. And second, because DAR are the initials of our founder: Daniel Arreola, purest example that you can always have a better lifestyle.

Rafael Lezaeta Pérez (1917- 1975) was diagnosed with a terminal illness when he was only 21 years old and just with a month of life to live. Despite the unfortunate diagnosis, his success story was only starting. He immediately became one of the best Manuel Lezaeta Acharrán and Rafael Sana disciple. And he was also the student of Spaniard iridologist, Dr. Juan Angel Bidaurrázaga author of “Diagnostico por el Iris” (Diagnosis through Iris) and “Dieta Natural” (Natural Diet).

In 1938, fully recovered after practicing a new and healthier regimen he dedicates his life to share and spread all of the knowledge gathered in the Lezaetano System. At the beginning he firstly began with his near friends and then with persons who are visiting us from the Mexican Republic and abroad.

Finally, after a long life of learning, on June the 14th of 1962 “Hogar de vida Natural Manuel Lezaeta Acharán” was founded and it is located at its current address. Since 1975, its former name was changed to Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola, honoring with this to our founder.