FQA | Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola


1What is it CNDA?
We are the pioneers of the naturist centers in Mexico, our mission is to teach you about natural practices to recover the physical, mental and spiritual balance so you can gain your health back, besides giving you the attention and affection so that you can make changes in a better way and detox your body through a naturist system.
2What is a detox for?
The air we breathe, the food we eat, tobacco, alcohol and cell catabolism create toxins in the body which causes oxidative stress in the cells causing imbalances or diseases. A detox helps your body eliminate the toxins by improving your health.
3How long does it take to the body to detox?
This is very relative, since it depends on the intoxication levels and each person's habits, there are people who have been intoxicated for years so it would take years to detox themselves. The detox results can be seen from the first week.
4What can I expect in a 3 to 5 days, 7 to 15 days, 21 days to 1 month detox?
3-5 DAYS: A slight weight loss, general relaxation, partial retained fluid removal, slight abdominal desinflamation. 

7-15 DAYS: You can expect more weight loss, nervous relaxation, energy and sleep changes, partial retained fluids removal, abdominal desinflamation, improves digestion, immune system and bowel movements, it helps decreasing elevated triglycerides, decreases headaches or joint pain, if you are diabetic or hypertensive you will improve your blood glucose and blood pressure.

21 Days to 1 month: In case of excess, more weight loss can be expected, nerve relaxation, more noticeable changes in energy and sleep, greater retained fluids removal, improves immune system and digestion, decreases triglycerides and cholesterol, improves blood glucose, hypertension and helps to decrease headaches or joint pain.

The longer you detox, the better results you will get. All results can vary and depend on each individual case.
5How is the detox done?
The 4 elimination organs must be activated and stimulated: skin, lungs, kidneys and colon. That said, CNDA therapies are applied and raw food is consumed at least 80%.
6Does it help to lose weight?
Of course! With this lifestyle you can lose many kilos/pounds of fat.
7In which case is a detox recommended?
A detox serves as a prevention for any disease. It works to improve digestive discomfort, headaches, joint pains, improve metabolic problems; such as high triglycerides and cholesterol, overweight, improves blood glucose, blood pressure, when there is low energy, when there is a disease, etc.
8What are the colemas?
Colemas therapy is an intense 7 days semi-fast bowel cleansing. The intention of this treatment is to remove the residues that exist in the intestine, all the tissues are cleaned through the intestine. For further information you can call our phone numbers. It is contraindicated in cases of diverticula, intestinal polyps, ulcerative colon, tumors or colon cancer.
9What is the naturist regimen?
The naturist system consists on raw food ingest in 80-100%. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, almonds, coconut and avocado are suggested, which means good digestion and assimilation of nutrients, also a good evacuation (toxins elimination), we avoid dairy, animal proteins, sugars and refined flours, cereals and legumes, since they inflame or intoxicate the organism.

In addition, therapies such as colon hydrotherapy, mud or fenugreek cataplasms, steam bath (blood wash), nettle and rubs with cold water on the skin, sitz baths, etc. are applied.

Packages can be made based on question #4, since the expected results are explained.